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Roland Philippsen
Senior Engineer
Sr. Roboticist | Google X
Assistant Professor | Halmstad University
Sr. Researcher | Volvo
Sr. Researcher | Stanford University
What did you do before joining Applied?
Before Applied I was a senior roboticist at Google X for three years. At X, I worked on various moonshot projects related to motion planning and controls. Before Google, I spent about 15 years in academia and research at places like Willow Garage and Stanford. I really enjoyed working on deep technical problems.
Why did you join Applied?
Working with an outstanding team is immensely enjoyable, particularly in our no-drama zero-politics culture. We solve intellectually stimulating problems and witness how the things we build are immediately useful for our customers. It's also extremely satisfying to contribute to strategic decisions when you feel you're onto something big and you're getting outside signals that the market wants what you are building.
Kimberli Zhong
Software Engineer
BS & M.Eng (CS & Engineering) | MIT
Graphics Researcher | MIT CSAIL
SWE Intern | Jane Street
SWE Intern | Airbnb
SWE Intern | Google
What did you do before joining Applied?
Before joining Applied, I was studying computer science at MIT, where I graduated with both a B.S. and M.Eng, and spending stints interning at Google, Airbnb, Jane Street, and Affirm. After trying out smaller and smaller companies, I realized I loved the challenge of working at an early-stage startup.
Why did you join Applied?
I love being at Applied for two main reasons: the team and the space. Autonomous simulation offers complex challenges and is different from what everyone else in the Valley is working on. The team comes from various deeply technical backgrounds and experience levels, and I knew I would have an unparalleled opportunity to learn and grow working with them.


Federal Policy Manager / DC Lead

Washington, DC

We are looking for a federal policy manager & Washington, DC lead, who will be responsible for all of the company’s regulatory relationships and Autonomous Vehicle (AV) policy efforts at the federal level.

Senior Account Executive

Detroit, MI

We are looking for a senior account executive to prospect potential customers in North America, arrange sales meetings, and close large enterprise deals. The Senior Account Executive will report directly to our VP of Sales and will be responsible for a dedicated sales region.

Business Development

Sunnyvale, CA

We are currently looking for a senior business development rep to be a key member of the operations and commercial teams at Applied Intuition.

Sales Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA / Detroit, MI / Germany / Japan / Korea

We are currently looking for a sales engineer to work closely with our customers to understand their requirements, and illustrate how Applied software could address their needs.

Automotive Protocol Expert

Sunnyvale, CA / Detroit, MI

We are currently looking for an automotive protocol expert to guide the integration of simulation with various customer testing mechanisms.

Controls Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA

We are currently looking for a controls engineer to work on our simulator for controls specific customer use cases.

AV Simulation Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA

We are actively looking for an experienced simulation engineer to join our team that is developing our proprietary simulation engine custom built for AV system development.

DevOps / Infrastructure Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA

We are actively looking for a senior devops engineer to support the deployment of simulation infrastructure at large scale for our customers.

HD Maps Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA

We are actively looking for a HD mapping engineer to guide the creation of maps for use during simulations.

Visual Effects Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA

We are actively looking for an experienced visual effects engineer to enhance our environment platform that creates the three dimensional virtual worlds that the autonomous systems move through.

3D Games Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA

We are currently looking for an experienced game engine developer to work on our environment platform that is used to create the 3D virtual worlds for the autonomous systems to move through.

Reinforcement Learning Engineer

Sunnyvale, CA

We are currently looking for a reinforcement learning (RL) engineer to develop various machine learning pipelines that simulations will interact with.

Environment Artist

Sunnyvale, CA

We are actively looking for an environment artist to support us in creation of virtual worlds for the AV to interact with.

Don’t see a role that fits your exact background but still think you could provide value to our team?
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